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Natural Face-lift using Acupuncture

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Acupuncture: An alternative to plastic-surgery

The natural aging process has a habit of catching up with all of as, but there are natural ways to maintain the youthful look of your skin. A natural face-lift using Acupuncture is one such method of keeping those lines and wrinkles at bay. This article looks at how acupuncture can give you a natural face-lift with out side effects, use of potentially toxic chemicals or the expense and pain of plastic surgery.

The Problem

The natural aging process does catch up with each one of us sooner or later, which is why more and more, women and men too, are looking for a natural face-lift. That is, they are looking for a way to maintain their youthful looking facial skin, naturally. Face-lifts using surgery, or cosmetic face-lifts using products such as Botox injections, are being replaced at least in part, by natural methods.

A Solution

Acupuncture has been used for millennia to treat disease of all kinds, and lines and wrinkles on the faces are part of that. After all, if Acupuncture can treat diseases of the body, why would it not work on our aging facial skin.

Face-lifts are common place these days, but not everyone wants to spend tens-of-thousands of dollars for on a plastic surgeon, or have potentially toxic chemicals injected into their skin. More and more people are looking toward natural skin care solutions such as natural and organic skin care products and now Acupuncture for maintaining their youthful looks.

How Acupuncture Works

Facial PointsAcupuncture uses acupuncture points, located all over the body to stimulate the body’s own energy. Each point has specific actions, but can also have complex interactions when used together with other acupuncture points.

Typically a face-lift using acupuncture would involve a selection from points such as:

In addition, other points on the body would be selected to treat any underlying health problems, which would also have an effect on the healthy look of an individual. Let's face it, if you are feeling a million dollars, you'll probably look better than if you're feeling low in energy and lack basic health.

As we age, gravity has a more pronounced effect on our skin. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, this is associated with depleting Kidney Yin/Yang energy and is often accompanied by 'blood and qi' deficiency. The result is less tone in your skin and the development of lines and wrinkles.

How Much Does Acupuncture Cost?

In Australia an Acupuncture session would cost you around $100.- and you would need at least 6-8 treatment over 4-8 weeks to get results. Yes, you would need to undergo this once or twice a year, depending on your age and general health. Compare that to Botox injections or surgery, and you will save yourself a lot of money and pain, not to mention avoiding nasty side effects.

Summing Up

Natural face-lifts are simply a better option. You don't need to use potentially toxic chemicals, nor do you run any risk associated with even the most minor of surgical procedures and you do not need to worry about side effects. Acupuncture will not cause any lasting side effects. At worst, you may get a small bruise where a needle was inserted, but it will clear up in a matter of a day or two and the Acupuncture itself is not painful. In fact Acupuncture is usually very relaxing and energising.

Natural face-lifts are increasingly more sought after and Acupuncture is a very simple, effective way to get results. Make sure the person you choose is well qualified and is an accredited member of a national association.

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