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Whether it is natural acne remedies, news, articles or quality information on natural acne skin care, herbal acne remedies, etc., you've come to the right place. This section of our site is dedicated to all things acne and here you will find quality information on dealing with it.

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Natural Acne Remedies - Overview


Acne can affect almost anyone at almost any age. So we've dedicated this section of our website exclusively to the most common skin condition - Acne vulgaris.

We have broken the site into the following sections:

Natural & Herbal Acne Remedies.

This section deals primarily with two areas. The first looks at things you can do in your home to prepare home made acne remedies that will help you deal with outbreaks and persistent acne spots.

The second reviews Herbal Acne Remedies you can purchase in health food stores and have shown to be affective in most cases. These herbal acne remedies are natural products that do not contain pharmaceutical drugs, but are based on the principles of natural medicine.

Natural Acne Skin Care

The skin is a complex organ and needs your attention whether you suffer from acne or not. However, if you do have an acne problem, then using a natural acne skin care approach is vital. The less potentially harmful chemicals you use on your skin the better.
The Natural Acne Skin Care section will look at various steps you can take to naturally and safely help reduce the frequency and severity of acne outbreaks.

Home Made Acne Remedies

Home made acne remedies is intended to provide the reader with information they implement quickly and easily using ingredients found in most homes. Home made acne remedies is not intended to provide recipes to implement treatment, rather it is intended to provide information on cheap, safe and usually effective things you can do to relieve pain, inflammation and other symptoms associated with acne outbreaks.

Acne News & Articles

In this section, we publish news items and articles (not found in the scientific literature) that address the issue of acne. Here you will also find opinions from the owners of this website who have over 25 years of clinical experience in complementary medicine. Susan, a medical herbalist and medical aromatherapist has helped hundreds of people suffering from acne and other skin disorders. Danny, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has also over 2 decades of clinical experience and will look at how Chinese medicine deals with acne.

Acne Library

The Acne Library is a reference section where we publish articles, based on scientific studies, dealing with the issue of acne. In the Article Library you will find articles like Diet & Acne, a study that clearly demonstrates that diet does have an effect on acne. We've also included other authoritative sources that you can go to for even more information.

Herbal Acne Products

This is the section where you will find products that are based on the principles of herbal medicine and have been used in clinics throughout Australia by qualified natural therapists, Naturopaths, Herbalists, and other health care professionals. These products help to restore the pH balance and general health of the skin.

The information presented here is not to be used as or interpreted to be advice to treat acne, rather the information presented here is to inform the reader and is in no way intended to be interpreted as medical advice or recommendations for treatment. It is strongly suggested that readers seeking treatment for their acne, or any other health problem, consult a qualified and experienced health care professional for treatment advice of their condition.

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