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Using Home Made Acne Remedies

There are many different ways to make home made acne remedies ranging from teas to skin washes. On this page we've included some of the easy to make home made acne remedies that use ingredients that are easily available from a garden or if need be from the health food store.

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Home Made Acne Remedies

Anti-Acne Herbal Drink

Use 2 parts (1 part = 1 ounce (30 gr)) Red Clover flowers, 1 part blue flag root, 1 part burdock root in 2.0 - 2.5 litres of water (cold). Bring to boil. Simmer for 20 minutes, then let cool, strain and drink 1/2 glass three times a day.

This can also be used as a skin wash on areas where acne is a problem.


Almond Oil Facial

Gently pat sweet almond oil over the area of visible blackheads. Apply hot towels on the blackhead area several times. In addition to the bath and the facial this will soften deeply imbedded blackheads, and will help loosen them enough for you to push them out with a tissue or cotton-wool.


Honey Cleanser

Honey is a great blackhead and facial cleanser as well as skin nourisher and healer. Heat about 4 tablespoons of honey and gently pat over blackhead area or entire face. If your face is particularly blemished, add a small amount of natural wheat germ to the honey, which will draw the blemishes to the surface of the skin. Honey-Wheat Germ Mask is antiseptic and toning. Keep on face 15 minutes or more. Relax while you wait. Wash off with clean cloth and tepid water. Close the wide open pores by using a natural facial toner.

Lemon Cleansers

You'll find lemon juice an ideal blackhead preventer, as it is antiseptic, and cleansing, and restores acidity to the skin. Use fresh strained lemon juice whenever you can, or mix with equal parts of rose water or orange or elderflower water.

An effective lemon and whipped egg-white preparation is another very effective way to control blackheads.

Juice half a lemon. Strain. Wip up an egg white. Heat together in a basin or stainless steel pan until they thicken. Place in jar, label, and keep refrigerated. To preserve it without refrigeration simply add 3-4 drops of simple tincture of benzoin.

The information presented here is not to be used as or interpreted to be advice to treat acne, rather the information presented here is to inform the reader and is in no way intended to be interpreted as medical advice or recommendations for treatment. It is strongly suggested that readers seeking treatment for their acne, or any other health problem, consult a qualified and experienced health care professional for treatment advice of their condition.

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