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Herbal Acne Products: What to use and their benefits for your skin

Herbal acne products are products which are based on herbal medicine. Their ingredients are usually a combination of herbs that have known effects on the skin. More often then not they have antibiotic, antiseptic and other properties that will reduce the inflammation caused by the bacteria that cause the acne lesions. Below we will look at a range of products that should be used in combination to help promote the health of the skin.

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Herbal Acne Products for External Use

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An exfoliant is a product that contains ingredients such as Pumice, Yellow Clay, and finely ground Oatmeal. These ingredients give the product a rough texture, which helps to remove excessive layers of dead skin cells.

The reason this is a good thing is because dirt, dead skin cells and the natural oils produced by the skin can clog up the skin's pores and this can lead to the development and build up of bacteria resulting in acne.

Exfoliants should not be used on a daily basis. At most, an exfoliant should be used maybe 1-2 times per week. If the acne is very severe it is best not to use an exfoliant in the affected area.

Clay Masks

Green Clay MaskClay masks are somewhat similar to an exfoliant in that they help to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. However, clay masks do far more than remove dead skin cells. Clay is well known for its drawing and absorbing abilities. That is it can draw toxins, dirt, micro-organisms and other impurities from deep within the skin. The clay absorbs these materials and when the area on which the clay masks has been applied (usually the face, but not always) is washed, these materials simply wash away.

While clay is not as such considered a herb, it is a natural substance that has many uses in herbal medicine, one of which is its ability to absorb toxins both from inside the body (when taken internally) and from the skin (when applied externally).

Clay masks should only be used 2-3 times a week. Unlike the Cleansers, which are used 1-2 times daily.


Lemon CleanserCleansers are an important step in maintaining a health skin. Cleansers do just that – they cleanse the skin; removing impurities such as stale make-up, congealed natural skin oils and other impurities, whilst gently soothing and hydrating the skin.

Cleansers also help to remove some of the dead skin cells. Unlike the deep cleansing clays masks however, cleansers should be used morning and night, or at least at night before retiring.

Typically a cleanser suitable for acne prone/oily skin would contain essential oils such as Lemon oil and Lemon-scented Tea Tree oil, which are highly antiseptic and have an antibacterial effect. Calendula and Lavender extracts are both powerful botanicals that help in the healing and repair of the skin.


Wild Herb TonerThis is one product that many people do not employ and end up paying the price for ignoring this. Toners do basically two things: 1) they remove left-over cleanser from the skin (remember the skin, even on a baby, is not perfectly smooth and material such as soap, cleansing product, etc., are often left behind); and 2) they close the pores of the skin to help retain moisture and exclude microbes from entering into the open pores. This is a key reason why many acne sufferers are not succeeding in their acne treatments.

Toners contain astringents, which are herbs or essential oils that have a ‘closing up’ effect on the skin. This is what helps to close the pores and stop moisture from leaving and bacteria from entering.

Rosemary (essential oil), Witchhazel (herbal extract),  Juniper Berry (herbal extract) and  Peppermint (essential oil) are botanicals that tone and invigorate the skin, while  essential oils of Grapefruit,  Niaouli and Sweet Orange maintain normal sebum secretion.


Avocado Day CreamMoisturisers are a very important part of using herbs and essential oils to promote healthy skin, but it is important to choose a products that will not block skin pores and does not contain any potentially irritating chemicals.

A moisturising cream with ingredients such as Avocado and Jojoba with Cocoa Butter is ideal, because even though these ingredients are known for their powerful moisturising and humectant properties, they do not create a greasy or heavy feeling on your skin. Orange Blossom (essential oil) and Lemon (essential oil) are both in the citrus family and are known for their antiseptic properties. Together these ingredients are an ideal set of botanicals to be used in a moisturiser that will promote healthy skin.

Herbal Acne Products for Internal Use

As with most other health problems, herbal medicine is frequently use to treat diseases internally. Acne is no different and there are many medicinal plants that can be used to treat acne. You will need to consult a qualified herbalist who will assess your particular condition and the severity of your acne.

Once this process is completed, your herbalist will prescribe a combination of herbal extracts that you will need to take internally for a period of time.

A product, such as Wildcrafted's Alterative Compound is a combination of herbs aimed at cleansing the blood by stimulating the organs of elimination, namely the bowels, kidneys and skin to better function. It is especially effective in skin conditions like acne, boils, carbuncles, styes and impetigo, and to cleanse the system after infections and the use of anibiotics.

You health food store may also stock some herbal acne products, but it is best to consult a qualified herbalist before you take any herbal remedies internally.

Using herbal acne products both externally and internally will have the best chance of a successful treatment approach for acne sufferers.

The information presented here is not to be used as or interpreted to be advice to treat acne, rather the information presented here is to inform the reader and is in no way intended to be interpreted as medical advice or recommendations for treatment. It is strongly suggested that readers seeking treatment for their acne, or any other health problem, consult a qualified and experienced health care professional for treatment advice of their condition.

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