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The Acne Library is where you'll find more information on Acne, natural Acne remedies, articles and news items that will provide useful and practical information on Acne.

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Acne Information currently available on the internet can be very confusing and at times contradictory. Here you will find information on Acne that is based on scientific studies and articles written by health care professionals with decades of experience.

We aim to provide only factual information on acne that is practical and useful and is based on research and clinical experience.

Essential oils & Aromatherapy
Factual information on the use of essential oils and Aromatherapy

Acne (Acne vulgaris): Teenage and Adult Acne
As you probably already know, acne affects tens of millions of people world-wide. Statistically, 85% of teenagers are likely to suffer from acne outbreaks between the ages 12 to 24. Acne will cause scaring in 25% of these people. According to the American Dermatologists Association....

Acne treatment
Prevent acne before it starts, find out more here.

Acne Information from MedLine Plus
MedlinePlus Health Information from the National Library of Medicine (USA)

Acne Information from "The Merck Manuals - Online Medical Library"


The information presented here is not to be used as or interpreted to be advice to treat acne, rather the information presented here is to inform the reader and is in no way intended to be interpreted as medical advice or recommendations for treatment. It is strongly suggested that readers seeking treatment for their acne, or any other health problem, consult a qualified and experienced health care professional for treatment advice of their condition.

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